[ATrpms-users] /lib/modules/2.6.23.N-NN.fc8/updates/drivers not removed on kernel update

Jeffrey J. Kosowsky atrpms at kosowsky.org
Wed Dec 26 22:23:05 CET 2007

Various kmdl packages create the directory ../updates/drivers when
However, these directories are not removed when kernels are updated
and the corresponding old kernel kmdl packages are removed.

The result is I get left with old, stale (empty) module directories
hanging around.

The problem lies only in some of the kmdl specs.
For example,

nvidia does it right and has:

But lirc has:

	(which in my case explains why ../updates/drivers is not removed)

Similarly gspcav1 (and the uvc rpm that I just patterned on it) has:

	which will leave you with: ../drivers/usb/media

In any case I will rebuild my new uvc rpm the right way and resubmit
it to you.

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