[ATrpms-users] xorg-x11-unichrome and mythtv-epia

William Lott atrpms-users-mail at wlott.org
Sat Mar 19 05:57:00 CET 2005

Henrik Nielsen wrote:

>I have a VIA Epia MII board, and would love to use the unichrome
>driver for better performance and hardware mpeg2 decoding. Being a
>linux newbie (but learning more and more each day) I was happy to see
>that there were some packages for this already out there.
>In an earlier attempt, i tried getting the source code for X, patching
>the driver in and compile, with no success at all.
>I'm running FC3 and have already apt set up by installing the
>atrpms-kickstart package and have installed, among other packages, the
>mythtv-suite from atrpms.
>But now I am stuck. How can I tell apt to switch my existing xorg
>packages to the unichrome ones?
>Second, how can I afterwards tell apt to refresh my mythtv packages
>with the mythtv-epia ones?
>If you need more info, please let me know :)
>Looking through the archives found me nothing on these subjects.

I'm wondering the same thing.  I know that I can edit 
/etc/apt/sources.list and change at-stable to at-testing or at-bleeding, 
but I don't want to switch my entire machine to testing or bleeding, I 
just want to pick up the EPIA specific stuff.  If I download the 
specific .rpms I want to try, can I install them with rpm?  Or will that 
confuse apt?  Or is the best procedure to edit sources.list, install 
what you want, and then change sources.list back?  I still haven't 
gotten my head totally around how apt works.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  Right now I have a mythtv 
machine that is wonderfully recording shows but crashes whenever I try 
to play anything back.  I'm hoping that if I can get this EPIA based 
remote front end working I'll be able to watch some of the 4 week 
backlog of Stargate.


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